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Do Your Shins Hurt??

You know the feeling.

You’re running down the road and everything is great. The wind is blowing through your hair. Your pace is on point. You feel energized.

Then all of a sudden, your shin starts talking to you.

First it feels a little sore. Then you notice it every time your foot hits the ground. Before you know it, you think your shin just might break in half.

So, what’s the deal?

Most likely, you have “shin splints.”

The main cause of shin splints is your calf getting so tight that it actually begins to stress the muscles that attach to the front of your shin.

The muscles on the front of the shin are reacting to the tight calf, and begin to pull on the shin bone.

There are a few other causes of shin splints, but this is usually the main one.

The good news is that it is super treatable!

Watch my video and I’ll show you a easy mobility drill you can do to reduce shin pain.


About me: I am Dr. Will Gonzaba, owner of Physio2Geaux, a mobile physical therapy practices that makes it easy and convenient for busy cyclists and runners to end their pain and remain competitive. Many of my clients are competitive cyclists, runners, and triathletes in the New Orleans area. Over the years, I’ve competed in many endurance events, including over 25 triathlons, ranging from Ironman events to Olympics distances. I’ve raced numerous criteriums. My all-time favorite discipline is cyclocross which is where most of my focus is these days.

To read more about my practice, check out my website: www.physio2geaux.com

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