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Chasing 60

Wow a new decade! Yes, I just turned 60, just not my dad’s life at 60. No, I’m not in my recliner years and not about to retire.  This year of turning 60 includes producing youth events, short training videos, and fun fitness!   We are also launching a fitness calendar website, FitCal365.com, and more importantly helping others reach their fitness goals too.  Included in our fitness journey, FitCal365.com plans to keep the fitness spirit high and include festivals and food events along the way.

Our first rule of fitness, actually our only rule, is never be consumed by your fitness goals but stay consistent.  We believe small changes make for big results!  Personally, my fitness journey started over 25 years ago.  I started walking to reduce the risk I had from being overweight.  I had a six-month goal to lose enough weight to manage my high blood pressure. I started leisure walking, one mile in the morning and one mile in the afternoon.  After one month, I increased my mileage to two miles in the morning and two in the afternoon every day.  Over the next 8 months, I lost about 35 pounds.  At my next doctor’s appointment, I was amazed to see that my blood pressure moved into an acceptable range. Small changes create big results!  Start a bike riding social group or join one.  Try riding your bike to work or to one of the many festivals nearby. Turn nutrition into a passion and learn the many ways our regional culinary culture embraces great food choices.  Reach out to a friend and join one of the many run or walking groups around town.  Within our unique South Louisiana (and beyond) culture, FitCal365 will help you find similar unique fitness venues.  Let’s find that yoga or tai chi class that helps elongate our muscles and build new elasticity.  Every new fitness adventure should begin and end finding new friends along the way.  How about you?  Need help finding these groups?  Email me at Rick@FitCal365.com and I’ll help.

Aspire to regain your fitness, inspire others to join you, and whatever your age, it’s never time to retire.  For me, I’m making 2019 my year for improved flexibility, strength, and nutrition!

Rick Montgomery is a former two-term New Orleans Track Club President and Greater New Orleans Triathlon President.  He is currently a USA Track and Field coach and partner in the event production business, Silver Lining Fitness, LLC.  In 2012 he created the first regional youth triathlon team and has produced several youth duathlons and triathlons in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.  Presently, his range of coaching includes youth triathletes, high school cross country, Ironman triathletes, and Boston Marathon participants. He has also competed and finished 5 Full Ironman triathlons and 5 Boston Athletic Club marathons and at the 2019 New Orleans Rock n Roll Marathon qualified for the Boston Marathon.

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