2020 Mississippi Gravel Cup

MS Gravel Cup is a four race series in our lovely state of Mississippi. The races are held in very different parts of the state which allows riders to enjoy different terrains for each race. Between the varying grades of gravel and the ever-changing course conditions, these four races provide just about everything you could ask for in a gravel series. Add to that the unique culture and personality that comes with those who love this type of course and format, and you’ll find yourself in the perfect place for an exciting and inspiring ride! Check out each individual race below for a description of the course and terrain, and then get ready for some gravel grinding fun!

Registration fees are straightforward…

$55 for the competitive 50 & 100 mile races
$20 for the 20 mile fun ride

Each race is limited to a field of 250

Everyone gets an awesome backroad experience, stocked aid stations, series t-shirt, post-ride meal, premium water bottle and a reusable tote.

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Rick Montgomery

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